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Simply invite your friends to join The Ceramics Congress, and when you reach the milestone, you'll get these rewards instantly:

Invite 5 friends - Get $5 to spend in our online shop

Invite 10 friends - Get a set of five sculpting tools

Invite 25 friends - Get a set of 8 Pottery Tools.

Invite 50 friends - Get a set of 14 tools in a smart canvas case.

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Get more entries by getting your friends to join The Ceramics Congress.

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There will be 50 winners.
We will be picking 10 Winners each day during The Ceramics Congress.

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10 x Pottery Tool Boxes ($99)


Ten lucky winners will each win a Big Box of Pottery Tools!

Over 50 essential tools are included. Perfect for beginners.

10 x Online Marketing Workshops ($997)


An extra ten lucky winners will win a place in The Online Marketing Workshop.

This intensive 40 day workshop takes you from A-Z of online marketing.

We teach you everything about:

Personal Branding, Creating your Website, Setting up your Online Shop, Online Marketing & Social Media, Online Advertising & Email Marketing

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10 x Personal Branding Workshops ($495)


Another ten lucky winners will win a place in our Personal Branding Workshop.

Your Personal Brand is one of the most important things to get right in your pottery business.

Spend less time focusing on FINDING customers.

Learn how you can ATTRACT customers to you and your work.

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10 x Instagram Academy Workshops ($495)


Yet another ten winners will win a place in our Instagram for Potters Workshop.

Heard you need to use Instagram to promote your pottery business?

Want to try but don't know where to start?

Already trying but getting poor results?

Then this is the workshop for you!

10 x Monthly Support Subscriptions ($1440)


Finally, another ten lucky winners will get Business Coaching and Technical Support for a whole year.

Are you struggling with making your passion for pottery profitable?

Do you struggle with the technical aspects of running a business?

You get to sit down with an expert for 1 hour each month, for a whole year.

This is perfect for helping you setup your business plan, create your website, online shop, or marketing and advertising campaigns.

50 Winners in total:
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